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Haydee, Pico Rivera, CA

My Parents had been dealing with Econo Air for the last 15 years whenever they had issues with there A.C. Monday my parents A.C went out, and of course they called ECONO AIR to come out, they wanted to charge my parents $10,000.00, telling them that they were going to have to replace the entire unit. I contacted Manny on Tuesday Evening, he went out to my parents house the next morning by 10am, Figured out it was an Electrical issue, fixed the problem then & there! We thought he was only coming out to give an estimate....then he drove with my dad to go and purchase a filter that they needed for the A.C. Manny  Saved my Dad Thousands of $$$. Let just say that my Dad will NO LONGER be doing business with ECONO AIR. Manny went ABOVE & BEYOND to assist my Parents during this horrendous heat!! My dad now has Manny's PH# on Speed dial for any A.C issues. WE WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE THAT NEEDS AN HONEST, TRUSTING OPINION !!!! Thank You Manny!!!

Fau, Tustin, CA

Had a new thermostat installed for home automation purposes, the handyman wired it wrong and the ac stopped working. We called our regular HVAC guy who said he ll come over but never did and told me over the phone how serious a matter this could be. We spent the night, the hottest night of JUNE, just bearly sleeping, the house was 84F. The next morning around 10, we searched and found MANNY!!! He came over within the hour, said it may just be a small, pink fuse inside the HVAC unit, he was GOD SEND!!! He fixed it within minutes and just charged a small fee for it. I was expecting it to be a lot more!!!

Infact, when I was speaking to MANNY over the phone, he asked if the handy man was there, so he could guide him to fix it himself, just over the phone!!!

A point to note, MANNY left an extra fuse for us....checked the whole system to ensure all works well!!!


GOD BLESS you MANNY!!! Always!!!

Cindy, Santa Ana, CA

I'm chilling...thanks to Manny!  Sept 13, Saturday night, my a/c decided to stop blowing cold air in the middle of a heat wave...UGHH!!  On a SATURDAY!!

Most HVAC businesses operate Mon-Fri.  Thankfully, yelp has a handy filter for "Open Now"...quickly found a few that were open on Sunday morning.  

08:22 Called the first listed business - got a message that they were booked out 2-3 weeks.  

08:28 Called the second business - went straight to voicemail.  I left a message.  

08:31 Called the third business: Manny picked up, said he could be at my house in 40 minutes.

He gets to my house, fiddled around with the AC, tells me a part needs to be replaced, gave me pricing, I agreed, and he set off to work.  Before 10:00, Manny had arctic air blasting through the house, just in time for 90+ temps!  Oh, and he adjusted the freon level, as well.  THANK YOU, MANNY!

Maria, Pomona, CA

I highly recommend "Twin Air Conditioning & Heating" for AC/heater repairs!  Manny the owner of this company personally offers the best service and is extremely professional and efficient. He is very reliable when needed even off hours, he was highly recommended by a close friend.We used his services first for our air conditioning unit repair.  He fixed it in one short visit and it is working perfectly now. He works with your schedule and I think that is very important for all of us, to accommodate with working schedules.  

Again he I highly recommend this company for the knowledge and professionalism this company offers.